Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mothering With Spiritual Power

    I recently read the book "Mothering with The Spiritual Power" by Debra Sansing Woods. I enjoyed this book so much and learned a lot from it so I decided to share some thoughts. (thanks to my mother in law who got me this great book, a few Christmases ago when I was pregnant with Anita.)   
I'm not sure about you, but as a mom of two little kids, sometimes I get overwhelmed, impatient, stressed out and feeling like I'm the worst mom in the world. 
    A few days a go, I was reflecting in my life and how I can become a better mom to these cute little angles in my life. I wanted to be a good example and be teachable, yet a friend who they can go to in times of need. 
Here are a few things that stood out to me and helps me become better from this book.
1. Forgiving Ourselves for our shortcomings. I need to realize that I too make mistakes in my life in how to treat my children or how to raise them. "The Key is to not get discourage and also remember to create a joyful mothering life"
2. By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. A hug and a kiss, an " I love you" can make a big difference in our marriage and our relationship with our kids.
3. Teaching love and service. Service is love made visible.
4. Time. The thing that our children need the most and money can not buy is our time and undivided attention. 
5. Looking to our Savior for strength. I have learned we can not do this mothering by ourselves. We need His help.   
6. love and respect. The best gift parents can give their children is to love the other parent. One of the best ways to show our children that we love their father is to speak kindly to him and about him. 
and there are tons and tons more.......
    but I know that mothering is not easy and I'm glad that it's not easy because "something that comes easy isn't going to help us to learn and grow." 
   So after reading this book and talking to my wonderful sister, I realized that I should no longer beat myself up and have a pity party in my house and lift my chin up and be thankful for this great responsibility my Father in heaven has given me and do my best in it. 
   I leave you with this.... 
" successful marriages and families (and lives), are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities". 
   So, as a proud mom of two kids, I would like to put few pictures of my adorable kids. Enjoy 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Please Welcome Shayon Ray McClellan

     Well, a day after my last post ( July 8th) Shayon Ray McClellan was born. he weighed 7 pounds (one pound heavier than Anita when she was born). Recently a friend of mine wrote on her facebook page that she likes to read birth stories. I thought that was odd but there were several others commented that they also like to read birth stories. So I figure I could write about Shayon's birth since there are people out there that like to read it. So, here it is........
I had a doctor appointment on Friday the 8th (39 weeks) early in the morning. The doctor checks and he says I was dilated to two, so i'm thinking "oh he won't come out for a while" but that's not what the doctor said. He actually said he will for sure come by this weekend and he said "see you at the hospital". Later that day, Anita and I decided to go to UNLV with Jeff, since he only had a little work, then we can do something as a family. Well, around the time we get there, I have my first "contraction". I'm not even sure if it counts as a contraction because it doesn't hurt. Withing 2 hrs I had them four or five times. I still didn't think anything of it. Anyways, while Jeff is running around taking care of some of his school work, I sit behind a computer and do what I like to do the best, reading other blogs. by this pint my contractions that don't hurt are every 6 minutes apart. Then they are every 4 minutes apart only this time, they were hurting. So I call my dad and tell him that I'm having contractions, so he should get on the road.
      ok rewind two weeks before,  my sister in law had really bad contractions so she goes to the hospital only to find out that she is only dilated to one and send her back home, that happened twice. The baby comes a week after, July first. The reason I mentioned that is because somehow I thought the same might happen to me, even though I had a pretty fast delivery with Anita. 
      Back to the story...... My contractions or 3 to 4 minutes apart and they hurt. But we are still taking our time because we are not sure if it's still necessary to go to hospital just yet. Finally we decide that it is time. I call my good friend which I LOVE and Anita loves, Mathilda. She said she gets off work around 5 (it's 4 at this point). I'm thinking oh no worries, this baby is not going to be here for a while. Anyways we get on the road and start heading back home. We grab our stuff (hospital bag, Anita's bag) and go to my friend's house. By the time we get there my contractions are every 2 minutes and they HURT and I mean they really HURT. I don't even think that I really said bye to Anita. The trip to the hospital seemed soooo long, I thought I was going to have the baby in the car. The funny thing was when each contraction was over, I felt so good, like I wasn't even in labor, like I could get up and dance around. Anyways we get to the hospital, Jeff parks the car and we WALK to the front door..ughhh longest walk ever. Jeff is texting everybody that we are in labor and I'm screaming my head off. Somehow the contractions hurt more this time than with Anita'as. 
      they wheel me upstairs. I get there and nurses are like, we don't have empty delivery room. So they are sitting there talking to each other about where they should take me. and I'm like HELLOOOOO, I'M ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY HERE. so they put me in triage room. tiny little thing. They check me and guess what I was dilated to 8. No wonder why I was in so much pain so I threw a fit that I still want my epidural. They gave me an epidural right a way and right after that they checked me and I was dilated to 10. Called the doctor and he came shortly and few pushes and the baby was out. It was sooo fast. I was in labor for three hrs total. oh and yes they did switched me to a delivery room, which was super nice. 
Our precious baby boy is here. He is not two months. so Enjoy pictures of our little boy. 

This is me between contractions WITHOUT an epidural

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well you know, just sitting here at Jeff's work updating my blog while Anita is taking a nap and Jeff is working. Lately, Anita and I have been coming to Jeff's lab to chill and hang out while Jeff works for a bit. It's been fun. 
So, just wanted to vent a little bit today about how hot it's been and how sore I am and how I'm sooo ready to have this baby any day now. 
As most of you know, I had the best pregnancy and delivery with Anita. Even though it was my first, I enjoyed being pregnant, even until the last minute.  To our surprise she came a week early. Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't had a horrible pregnancy with Shayon, BUT... it's been harder than I expected. Running and chasing after Anita while being 9 months pregnant has made it tough. For the majority of the pregnancy Jeff has been busy going to school full time and working at the lab. So he hasn't been able to help as much ( although I do have to say now that it's summer, he's been around a lot more). 
So, for some random reason, I had been thinking that Shayon will come probably two weeks early (since Anita came a week early). yeah THAT did not happen. I am now two days shy of 39 weeks. Oh well, he'll come whenever he is ready. My doctor said he will probably be here within a week as of this past Tuesday. So, we'll see. 
Here is the other thing, so I have been running on the treadmill at Jeff's lab a few times during the past week, and it actually felt really good.  I really enjoyed it. So, last night we decided I should run again to try to speed things up. But, since we were not at UNLV, we thought it would be good if we go to the track by Green Valley high school near our house. So, I ran the first lap no problem, great. The second lap, I could tell that I was running a lot slower.( remember I only run half a mile). After it was done, I felt pretty good, and I waited for Jeff to get Anita so we could head home. OH BOY, as soon as I started walking, I felt these sharp, and I mean SHARP pains on my inner thighs. It was soo painful that I couldn't even walk, so I waddled to the car and just crashed. Sleeping at night was also horrible. I am still in pain, just not as much. Jeff says that my muscles are just sore. Today I have been waddling everywhere, but I didn't just want to stay home and sit on the couch, so Anita and I tagged along with Jeff to his work. We also went to the mall and I let Anita run around to play with other kids at the mall. I have also had some contractions here and there, but they don't hurt. 
Anyways, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, and we'll see where things are at. 
As you can tell, I am soooo ready to have this baby come and have my family come and help me. My mom and dad are coming as soon as I go into labor and they are staying for a while. My sweet mother in law is also coming to help me out, and my wonderful sister is also coming for a week. So yes, I'm happy to have this baby come but I'm also really happy to see everybody. I feel very blessed to have so much help from family and friends. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a wonderful husband who is so loving and puts up with my whining and emotional meltdowns everyday, and a sweet daughter who is sooo cute and fun to be around. Seriously, Jeff and I always finding ourselves kissing her and adoring her. 
Here are some pictures of Anita. She loves to put these toy rings on her wrist. 

 She also loves to ride on the trolley thingi at the outlet mall by the UNLV.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We started nesting about a few weeks ago. Ok fine, not "we" but I started nesting a few weeks ago and Jeff pretty much did most of the work, since I couldn't move or carry things. We first cleaned and organized the kids room. We purchased a dresser from Craigslist for $25. I love it, Got rid of a bunch of old toys and cloths. Put some of Anita's clothes that are too small for her away and put some new ones out. Got Shayon's clothes all ready for him when he arrives and got the baby toys out for him as well. 
You can see in this picture and video that Anita was helping daddy to move the dresser to her room.She is such a big helper.

\\\ video
We also moved some furniture around to make room for our beautiful new Persian rug that my parents gave us. It is so nice and beautiful. Thank you mommy and daddy. It is so soft. Anita was rolling around on it the whole time we were trying to redecorate. 

The place looks nice, huh? 
Wait. there is more. 
We also got new Tile in our kitchen and dining area. 

So, you think we are ready for this baby to come now?? you bet you, we are. But first look at this cool double stroller we got from my baby shower. This is from our Relief Society presidency. They are so nice and we feel so blessed. 
In this picture you can see Anita helping Daddy putting it together.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this long post. Love you all 
The mini McClellan family

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dance Dance

I have been trying to post this Video for a while now and it seems like it finally worked. Anyways this is from few months ago. so Enjoy. She really likes to dance to Persian Music.


Anita and her cousins

     Anita has been blessed with great cousins that don't live too far from us. Even though they are in different states, but we get some opportunities once in a while to see them.
 Last May, my sister in law ( Jeff's older sister, Michelle) and her family came to visit us on their way to Utah. As some of you know, Anita just loves kids, especially older ones. So she was having a time of her life playing with Lydia and Clair. 
As soon as they got here, the girls went to Anita's room and started playing with her hair bows. I like how Lydia put that bow on Anita's hair. 

We were sitting in the Living room chatting and all of the sudden Clair shows up wearing 
Anita's swimming suit. Clair looks so cute in this picture. You can also see Anita's like " hey that's my swimming suit"

 You can't see it good in this picture, but Anita was giving Spencer a hug. We tried taking a better picture, but  They were not too happy about the force hug.

 Right before they left, they kids were watching a movie, don't remember what movie. I got the Bumbo seat out for Spencer, but Anita was enjoying sitting on it. 

Then right after they left to go back home, we drove to California to visit my folks. Every time we are there, we go to my sister's house in Concord for a day or two. 
Anita really likes playing with Collin and Amanda and Samantha.
Sadly, the day that we went to visit them Anita had the Stomach bug. It went away next day, but as you can tell in this picture, she wasn't feeling too good. She just wanted to cuddle with daddy!!!

                              After her nap, She felt a lot better and started playing with the kids. 
               The kids were so funny. They went and got all of Camelia's shoes and lined them on the floor and they were pretending like they were selling it to each other. Anita just wanted to put them on without paying. 

                                I don't know what it is but Collin really really likes Anita and he is always taking care of      her and playing with her. He is like an older brother to her. The whole time we were in California, it seemed like Collin was just wanting to be with her and play with her . He is also a really good babysitter. Few more years and I might have to start paying him to babysit my kids. 

 Here are all the my sister's kids, posing for the Camera. 

I also have to add this picture of beautiful Samantha. She is just so cute. We call her Persian Princess, because she just looks so Persian.
Isn't she just gorgeous??

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anita climbing up the slide

This is Anita's new favorite thing to do when we go to the park.  She climbs up the slide and then slides down it on her belly.  She knows how to climb all the way up (I have seen her do it) but she really likes going part way up and then sliding down on her belly.  She normally does not lose her balance like she does near the end of this video clip.